101 Arabian Mehndi Design 2019 [Simple & Trending Mehndi Designs]

Arabian Mehndi Design 2019: Saudi country is totally Arabic country so Saudi’s mehndi design is totally different in all over the country.

Saudi Arabia mehndi design is shaded in someplace and blur pattern is also used in Saudi Arabia. Saudi mehndi design is like tree storm with beautiful small flowers. This design is now in the trend.

Arabian Mehndi Design 2019
Arabian Mehndi Design 2019

Arabian Mehndi Design 2019

All Saudi women love this type of mehndi design very much. some Saudi arabia women like much mehndi design. in all festival and occasion, women like to put mehndi design.

In the festival of eid Saudi Arabian women likes to put mehndi design. some women select mehndi design and compare with dress and jewelry. in Saudi Arabia women like rose mehndi design with thorns.

Because this type of mehndi design is very delicate to see and look very beautiful. in Saudi Arabian country people like very decent mehndi pattern with some flower-like rose or lotus flower.

Mehndi design is very popular in all ages women like old or young. mehndi fusion of old and new has made mehndi pattern look very modern. in Arabian country kids also love to put mehndi design.

Small bunch of flower with dots looks very great on the hand of kids. backhand mehndi design also looks nice and Saudi girls are like to put backhand mehndi design. in Saudi mehndi is known as henna.

In Saudi bridal mehndi is very different. bridal like to put delicate mehndi design. Motif mehndi pattern is very popular in the Arabic country. because this type of mehndi design is very famous in this country.

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White henna [mehndi] is also applied in Saudi Arabian country. because the white color is for peace. white henna is also looked very royal in any function. white henna is specially applied in the occasion of marriage.