101 Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020 [Simple & Unique Mehndi Design]

Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020: Mehndi design is not only like by adults it is also liked, kids. Kids love its smell and its red colour. Kids love red colour and mehndi also has a red colour. Kids don’t sit for a long time so we choose very light mehndi pattern.

Delicate mehndi design is one of the best mehndi design for kids. In the past women kept moon shape mehndi design and around the moon start to put on it. This mehndi design is also kept on old age women and kids. This moon mehndi design has no finish and it took very less timing.

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Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020

Kids have tiny hand and finger so this is moon mehndi design is the best idea. It looks really very cute and simple. Glittery mehndi design also looks beautiful on the tiny hand of kids. Big flower and in the petals dress matching glitter on it. This its the best idea for kids. It is kept in parties or any other house function.

Creeper mehndi design is very nice and unique for kids. Broad outline mehndi design is a very nice idea for kids hand and it is kept in very less timing. Butterfly mehndi design is such aaa one of the most beautiful mehndi design for kids just because it is a symbol of freedom and peace.

The butterfly is fly from one flower to another so in butterfly mehndi design one beautiful flower with dots and start kept in the backhand. And in the side butterfly is kept on it. We use some dress matching glitter on it. This mehndi design is such a cutest ever. Butterfly mehndi design is evergreen for kids.

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Doted floral mehndi design is also applied on kids hand. This doted floral mehndi design is very classical mehndi design. There are lots of mehndi design for kids. Hope you like this all mehndi design for kids.

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