101 Foot Mehndi Design 2020[Simple & Unique Mehndi Designs]

Foot Mehndi Design 2020: bridal mehndi design is such a beautiful and intricate mehndi design. Whether it is kept hand or feet. Bridal mehndi design is very heavy mehndi design kept by a professional mehndi artist.

Bridal foot mehndi design is also very intricate mehndi design. It is applied in whole foot and knees also full fill by heavy mehndi pattern. In the wedding, nothing is less. In the bridal mehndi design, a beautiful round on the foot and around the circle roses or beautiful wines apply on it.

Foot Mehndi Design 2019

Foot Mehndi Design 2020

Jaali mehndi design is such a lovely mehndi design for a bridal. Jaali is applied on the foot and around the jaali small roses mehndi design is kept. One big floral mehndi design is very trending in this era. Flower with beautiful wine and creeper is applied on foot.

A big circle in the middle of the foot, it is called mandala mehndi design. It is very trending nowadays. Some brides don’t like to put heavy mehndi design on the special day of the wedding so mandala mehndi design is a nice idea for that type of people.

In this era mandala, mehndi design is applied on the backside of the hand of the brides on the middle of the foot. You can also apply on the wedding day. Mandala mehndi design is easy to apply and it looks modern mehndi pattern.

Some foot, mehndi design is totally traditional. It has covered all the foot includes the toes also. Some foot mehndi design is very simple. It is only applying on the ankle. Ankle mehndi design has also much mehndi pattern.

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On the ankle, you should apply a small flower with beautiful wine and creepers. Some girls like heavy mehndi design on the special day of the wedding. So elaborate mehndi design gives a nice look to the foot. Here we have some amazing foot mehndi design. Hope you like it.

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